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About Ancient Replicas Ltd

Ancient Replicas Ltd, is a metallic/stone art/replicas maker of museum-quality, rare ancient coins and artifacts. As experts and historians, we specialize in replicas from the rarest and choicest Thracian, Ancient Greek, Byzantine, Roman, Medieval, Post Medieval and Judea coins/artifacts. Since 1980, our craftsmanship methods have been highly regarded by connoisseurs, including rare coin collectors, art historians, and educators. Our coin and artifacts reproductions are uniquely beautiful and accurately detailed in comparison to their ancient originals.

We achieve this quality by starting with the best casts and moulds, created by highly skilled craftsman, known as one of the greatest manufacturers of coin/artifact replications in Europe. We are dedicated to cultivating and maintaining the universal appreciation of artistic beauty in classical coinage and artifacts. The purpose of our work is to make the art of the ancients available to the collector of all levels and means. We hope you find treasures of art and history on your visit to

We supply coins and artifacts to dealers, museums, schools and can work on custom projects. We also have the capability of working in fine brass, copper, sterling silver and gold. For more information on volume discounts or special projects you may need, please contact us. Coin and artifact collecting was the hobby that gave rise to our founder’s fascination with art, history and the development of their unique coin and artifact reproduction technique. Creating historic replicas is our way of keeping history alive, because every coin and artifact has an interesting story to tell.